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Lisa Hetrick

Hi! I’m a pretty simple gal. Business Owner. Designer. Illustrator. Artist.

I create art, teach and love to share artspiration. I make huge messes with art supplies, daily. C'mon on in and take a look around. I hope you'll feel inspired here and want to create for yourself. Stop by my print shop anytime, I'll leave the light on!

Not gonna lie, Instagram is my favorite place to hang out in social. I microblog there everyday. My feed is bright and colorful and full of inspiration. Join me: lisahetrickindigojade

When I’m not creating art to share. I’m running Indigojade | Creative and using my superpowers for good.

More about me and my journey here.

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Free Download: Make it Wonderful Planner Page

Gift of Grace: Make it Wonderful Planner Page Super excited to share this Gift of…

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Life is Beautiful June Planner

Free Download: Life is Beautiful Planner Page

Gift of Grace: Life is Beautiful Planner Page Super excited to share this Gift of…

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Thai Teal Door

I Painted a Door

I painted a door and it was healing. Finding peace and joy in what seemed like an ordinary home improvement project. Grief has no timeline and art heals the soul.

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Mother's Day Card

Free Download: Mother’s Day Card

It’s so important to LOVE THE MAMAS. Here’s a little gift from me to you! A free Mother’s Day card download. Print it out and send all the mamas in your life some love.

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May 2017 Planner Calendar

FREE Download: Joy is Seeking You Planner Dashboard

Super excited to share this gift of grace with you today! I get really inspired by how people creatively plan their life. What tools they use. How they create bliss and balance. All the cool design’y like things that are out there to help document your day, inspiration, moments. It’s all good!

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Featured Artist: Gina Lee Kim

What I love most about the artist community within all the circles I travel IRL, social and the interwebs, is how giving, kind, patient and honest the community is toward each other. The good, the bad, the ugly, the honesty is refreshing and there is no room for negativity.

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Butterfly Print Framed

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