ArtyStART Monday: Gouache Girl

05/27/2013 - 2 minutes read

Yesterday I shared a new color palette of GOUACHE paint I was patiently 🙂 waiting to dry. After about 30+ hours, well it finally dried to a cake consistency on the palette.

Thought I’d start the week off with a little GOUACHE GIRL.  She’s kind of got a superhero girl look about her.

Ok… a little backstory on the inspiration for this wild-haired girl…

This mama spent the weekend at a very windy, kinda cold, sun scorching on the face, windburn kind of soccer tournament with my girly twirly’s team. My hair was buck wild, crazy in the wind and hard to tame the entire weekend and OH MY… Um… My face got a little sunburned…with my sunglasses on… Yep, I HAVE RACOON FACE. Even I can’t stop laughing when I look at myself. It really looks like I have a white superhero mask on my face, only not as cool. HA!

Meet Gouache Girl. Inspired by my wind whipped hair and sunburned face… a little artsy pants inspiration to start the week off with a laugh and a little Gouache. Gouache… super fun to say and just a cool word. Say SQUASH once… take out the SQ and replace it with a “G” and you’ve got GOUACHE! Not, GO   U    ACHE… Just GUASH… HA!

Click on the pics for a quick tour!

Tomorrow… Stay Tuned! HUNG something NEW in the Studio… Well, I didn’t hang it, but I did an awesomesauce job art directing. Tee HEE! 🙂

Jacked up… means I used my graphic design prowess and altered my art digitally. I like to do that sometimes.

Happy Monday!

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