ArtyStart Monday – Sharpening the SAW!

03/18/2013 - 5 minutes read

A new week, fresh start, makin' it start with ART.

Why not? Right? After all ART is in START, so let's get the week stARTed inspired! DO IT! DO IT!

So… yes, life is crazysauce busy! The to do list is long, massive, overwhelming. Family, life, commitments, work. It's all there floating about. We all seem to move at light speed. It is what it is, and so you dive in and move through. You're committed to your life, your loves, your family, your all of it. It's a Blessing!

I listened to an interview with author, Katherine Paterson on NPR
while driving (yep, I listen to NPR, love it!). She talked about
raising 4 children, writing, creating characters, finding her voice. It
was a charming interview. One thing she said struck me, "If you want to
be a writer, you have to write." And, in her early days between laundry (she specifically said laundry and that struck me)
and family responsibilities with four young children, she would write everyday,
even if only for a few minutes. She said, "if you write for 15 minutes a
day, everyday, you would have a whole book by the end of the year."

That's POWERFUL! It was inspiring! It struck a chord and made me smile.

Instantly, I felt RELIEF.

If you want to be good/great/whatever your goal… you
have to do it everyday. Even if it's just for a few minutes. If you're an Artist, you have to practice; SHARPEN THE SAW (One of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits) You never stop learning.

The juicy stuff is found in the "spaces in between" life's life. The moments you steal away from the crazysauce and create something, anything. Something to fill you up!

So, by now, you're like WHA? Is there a point here. Yeppers, in all the spaces between "life's life" I've committed even more to honing my craft.

I started an Art Journal and I'm going to SHARE it. Yeppers, lot's of people do it. It's fun, it's inspirational. I've tried it before, but this time is a bit different. It's an anything goes kind of thing. It's not like my other sketchbooks. It's got a bit of a different ZING to it.

You see, I'm trying to SHARPEN the SAW and work on drawing faces and features. If you know my work, it's graphic, it's whimsical, it's made up of things. Things I love and I will never abandon that. I just want more. I want to try something that has been inside for awhile.

So, I'm giving it life and seeing where it goes. And, I'm practicing my craft and sharing it with you; hopefully as an ArtyStart Monday regular blog feature.

So here goes, my first ArtyStart Share! Enjoy! You have to START somewhere!

After sketching for over a week. Bits and pieces, features and details (some I've shown here on the blog), I committed her to the first page in the journal. I'm not sure who sHe is, but I know that when I created her I was thinking about THIS because the anniversary of her death was last week. And, most of the time when I draw a face, I'm thinking about my girly twirly or me, and/or where we intersect and flowers and other thoughts I just let run free. The eyes say a lot in this.

Creating Art in a Journal. Exploring this new Journey, wanna join me? Stay tuned weekly to see the adventure unfold. It's an exciting "little space" I found in between "life's life."

Tomorrow, I'll share a little "geek out" post with the ArtyStart art supplies, I'm using.