Found it Friday! What is that? And, why is it in HERE?

04/19/2013 - 2 minutes read

On Friday mornings, I try to clean and restore my space from the CHAOS that is this: In fact, this pic is a mild version of what I just put away.

Photo Mar 19, 8 08 24 AM

To some sort of function that is this:

LHD StudioShots

Usually, I’m looking for things I’ve put in the “special place.” You know, the place where you put the stuff you don’t want to lose or forget. Yep, that place. I’m still looking for it. HA! Sometimes along the way, I trip over things, pick them up and be like WHA? 

So, this is the most recent WHA?

Photo Apr 19, 8 01 14 AM

Paper Bags and a WINDOW SHADE from my daughter’s room.

I’m fairly certain… I said… “I can make something with these” and then put them in the space. Got busy and there they lay neglected.  I’m also fairly certain the hubs brought the shade to me FIRST before trying to put it out. Oh, he knows. So, I picked it all up this morning, started to think about recycling and said… “Nah, I can make something with these.”

And so the cycle of the girl who runs with scissors continues.

I just moved them to another area in the SPACE. Who does that? Um… me and I know you do too. I’d love to hear your story! I know you have one. Happy Friday Creatista’s. Sketchbook Saturday Tomorrow! Sneak a peek!

Monday… I’m takin’ on the GELLI’s

So, I basically cleaned up this morning to make a MESS again! Wahoo! And, Check this OUT! Very exciting stuff!

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