Geekin’ Out OLD SKOOL!

02/21/2013 - 3 minutes read

Geekin' OutSo, long, long ago… in a decade long gone…I bought this set of RAPIDOGRAPH's. HA! Well, back in my art director days for an advertising agency, circa early, early 90's, I used Rapidographs EVERYDAY to create layouts with. Yup! we did it all by hand, computer software was just gettin' goin' then.

What's the sheesh is a Rapidograph, you ask? Well, it is a technical pen that can be refilled with ink. Specifically, INDIA INK. Why bother you ask? Because, IT ROCKS! It's a persnickety pen set, pain in the buttinski to keep clean, but IT ROCKS! First of all, I've owned this set for 22 years and the ink refill is STILL GOOD.

I've been using a Sharpie with my watercolor work and have been all FROWNY face at the results, so it was time to break out the set, get it cleaned up (cuz I haven't used it in 22 years or so) and start drawing. Rapidograph pens lay down dense, even-flowing ink lines. They are perfect for sketching and drawing. The India Ink is waterproof and WON'T BLEED, but MOST of all it's vibrant and sharp. I cleaned all 7 pens and broke one, so not too shabby.

They're pricey, even today, but HEY, I've had it for 22 years and the ink refill STILL WORKS. That's an investment that has standed the test of time.

Let's see the ink and watercolor making happy together, shall we!

Step #1
After cleaning them up, I got to drawing some loose sketchy flowers on a piece of Fabriano Artistico Hot Press 140lb watercolor paper. The ink doesn't bleed through, and when drawing it doesn't skip. It feels great in the hand and easy to use. The density of the black is so NICE!

Step #2
Flooding Hydrus Watercolor in the sketched flowers. Notice how the ink isn't running. WAHOO!

Step #3
Painting and flooding more color to deepen shadows. Super wet paper, no ink running = happy drawing experience.

Step #4
Little shot of the watercolor palette. I use THIS ONE. I have two set up like the color wheel. See this post for a pic. Looking at the close-up detail shot in the middle, notice how the India Ink is still DARK. I love that no matter how much paint I put over the line, the black still stays strong. You just cannot go wrong with the vibrancy of color in the PH Martin's Hydrus watercolors. This combined with my old SKOOL Rapidograph makes me HAPPYSAUCE!

Supply Links: Rapidograph, PH Martin's Hydrus Watercolor Inks, Fabriano Artistico Hot Press Watercolor Paper 140lb.

I have another super inspired project to share with you tomorrow. A little MORE GEEKIN' Out! But, mainly a large canvas inspired by a little voice inside. FUN STUFF!