Geekin’ Out with Copic Marker Refills

05/14/2013 - 3 minutes read

These are my THREE favorite Copic colors EVER! EVER! EVER! 

Do you love your Copics? Ever asked… Do I need the refill? Um… YES? You ask why? I say…because there’s more to the Copic marker then, well, THE MARKER.

The stuff inside the barrel is like liquid goodness. Alcohol ink refills in the Copic color palette are brighter. bright. bright! IMHO, if you use them as a straight up alcohol ink medium… they are far brighter than any other alcohol ink on the market. ANY OTHER THAT I HAVE TESTED, TRUTH! 

So that means… the refill has far more valuable uses as an art medium than JUST RE-FILLING THE MARKER when it’s gone dry. Alcohol inks can be used on all kinds of surfaces: canvas, cork, wood, plastic, glass, ceramics, fabrics and embellishments, doo dads and zippities. Gotta love the zippities!

One Copic Marker refill can fill your sketch marker 12 times. Say wha? Do you need to own them all? Um… no… unless you want to. Here’s what my stash of refills looks like, plus or minus a few repeaters. I add a few more refills here and there. I have the ones I use the most. Sure fire way to know the pen is dry… well… it doesn’t give you color when you draw… Duh, right…. The tip also gets a little white when the color is not flowing into it. 99% of the time that’s how I tell. Oh, and one other thing… Um… if you dip the tip of your Copic marker in Gesso… kiss the tip goodbye.. just sayin’. 🙂 But, you can always replace the tip. SCORE!

Photo May 13, 12 55 26 PM (1)

It’s a well known fact… I have issues when it comes to art supplies and my Copic marker stash is part of my therapy. HA! BWWWAAAHHHH!

Photo May 13, 12 55 03 PM (1)

Did you know you can PAINT with alcohol inks? Here’s a little tutorial I did on the Copic refills and colorless blender solution. It’s the shizz. I tell you. SHIZZ! Check it out HERE.  Click on the pics below for some tips and tricks I use when painting with the copic refills

If you’re local, I teach a FULL LINE-UP of Copic Marker classes at PhotoScraps. I’d love to see you in class. You learn a whole lotta and we laugh till our bellies hurt. You can check out all that I offer HERE.

Also, if you’re local, were going to whip up some canvas love this Thursday, at PhotoScraps. We’re pushing the Copic markers out of their comfort zone and creating a canvas masterpiece. Call 410.549.5187 to sign-up. Also, PhotoScraps carries the entire line of Copic markers and also has a REFILL BAR in the store. Just bring in your empty marker and they will refill it for you, cheapers! Like $1.75.

Copic Canvas PaintingW

Are you as geek’d out as I am?

Tee hee!



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