Mixin’ it Up with the Mixed Up Media Chix

05/03/2013 - 4 minutes read

So, this crafty girl interwebs friend of mine, Maria Levine started this little Facebook group of Chix to share projects and ideas about ART JOURNALING.  She put a little shout out and I joined in the fun. Today, the Chix are doing a Mixed Media Blog Hop. Lot’s of inspiration goodness along the way. Eye Candy (not of the Christian Grey variety) but artsy pants eye candy nonetheless. Some of the Chix are giving away some goodness along the way to get you inspired to create some goodness of your own. Stop on by and check everyone out. If you’ve landed here with me, you may have come from Karen’s Blog.

If you want to start from the beginning… GO HERE to Maria’s.

When you’re finished checking out the goodness on my blog, head on over to Angeline HERE.

Hop around, take peek. Check out how the Chix are making art for fun, gettin’ out all their art supplies and mixin’ up some artsy MESSES. Oh, I know I did. I’ll be cleaning the studio for days. If you’re interested in joining the GROUP. AWESOMESAUCE! Drop me a line and we’ll add you on Facebook. It’s a great group of supportive artista’s who just like to create in their journals.

Alrighty, here’s what landed in my art journal this week. Click on the pics for slideshow-a-rama!

Owlette Journal Page

Owlette Journal Page


She’s funky. She’s an Owlette. She wants to fly. I grabbed up a few supplies: jar of modeling paste (hair), some paints, MY GELLI PRINTS. See this post for the deets on GELLI’s, watercolor, colored pencils, oil pastels and SUMI Ink, OH and GESSO, black and white…and just let myself come up with something. I’m always on a deadline for something, so this creature is a nice departure that just let me get lost in the drawing. The whole caboodle took about an hour over two days. Give or take bit of drying time. The feathers on her neck and hair were made with the Gelli’s. The background was built with paint and stencils and distress stains.

Here’s a little detail shot. She’s got some serious dreamy hair. HA!

Owlette Detail Shot

Owlette Detail Shot

This is the Art Journal I use. It’s my absolute favorite. It takes all kinds of mediums, wet and dry, and it’s just so luscious, love, lurvy, love, love. Did I mention how much I LOVE THIS journal?

FAVORITE Mixed Media Journal

A crafty girl can never have too many stamps, eh? Well, apparently…. I DO! So, I’m passing the rubbah love on. This box of lovelies is going out to a random. Just leave a little love in the reply, I’ll pick a lucky duck and announce on Monday. Yep, it’s a big HONKIN’ BOX O’ Stamps. I think maybe one of them in there has been used… maybe ONCE. The rest, untouched and NEED some love. That box is about 3 inches deep, BTW.

Big HONKIN' Bucket O' Stamps

NEXT. Head on over and VISIT Angeline HERE. 

Get inspired to make an mixmash MESS! Have a great weekend!

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