Saturday Sketchbook – It’s about sHe!

03/16/2013 - 1 minute read

Hmmmm… I've been noodling out a new character in my head. She's kind of showed up different ways over the last few weeks.

Then… sHe showed up on the page of my work to do list…this week…in the spaces "in between" this project and that!

She is whimsical, loves flowers, artsy, does her own thing, beautiful inside and out. sHe is just sitting on my desk. At first, I thought it was maybe me long ago.


Then… I discovered…

My girly twirly doodled this right along next to her… and claimed sHe as her own. I guess it was Sydney Elizabeth (sHe) all along 🙂

Photo Mar 14, 10 08 30 AM