I believe painting or sketching everyday is a wonderful way to take care of yourself.

It's meditative. It's colorful and melts stress away.

I believe that painting in my sketchbook is the highest form of self-care

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Everyday, I carve out a bit of time to paint in my sketchbook. This daily practice is meditative and an important part of my self-care practice. I share sketchbook inspiration in my Instagram feed daily. Some of the paintings that are created in the sketchbook turn into larger works. I believe a sketchbook practice is a great way to create daily (even if you don't have a lot of time) and give yourself space to work out ideas.

Here's a round-up of sketchbook inspiration, all in one artsy place for you:

January 2017:  January 22-28

February 2017: February 12-17 | February 19 - 25 | February 26-March 10

August 2017: August 20-26 | August 27-September 2

September 2017: September 3-9 | September 10-16 | September 17-23 | September 24-30

October 2017: October 1-7


Some of my favorite sketchbook lines of watercolor and mixed media sketchbooks are:

Strathmore Softcover 400 Series Watercolor Journals

Canson Mixed Media Books

Pentallic Aqua Journals (I LOVE, PUFFY HEART LOVE THESE)

Moleskine Watercolor Journals