Sketchin’ Sneak-a-Peek: Busy Weeks and Snow Days!

03/06/2013 - 1 minute read

It's SNOWING here in MD today! And, Whoosh! that means everything shuts down. It's just how Maryland rolls. The worky. work. work. to do list has been long with lots of design and illustration. It's good to be busy.

But, in the spaces in between… the mind needs a rest… here's the art that's been coming out in the sketchbook over the last few days. I'm not always sure where it comes from, it just does. There's somethin' in there. We'll see where it goes.

InsidewebAnd… on a product design NOTE… NEW project inspiration tomorrow from the Avocado Arts creatista's. I'm looking forward to seeing what they create with my stamp illustrations! I'm always blown away!

Happy Wednesday from SNOWY, coming down at a steady pace Maryland!