Watercolor Pencil Tutorial 3 ways

Watercolor Tutorial: Three Simple Techniques with Watercolor Pencils

Published on 10/01/2019

Today, I’m taking a deeper dive and sharing a mini watercolor pencil technique lesson to help familiarize you more with possibilities. You can give this technique a go with any brand of watercolor pencil you have in your stash. I’m using Faber Castell Albrecht Durer pencils in this video. 

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Watercolor Wreath Cards

Whimsical Floral Wreaths: Online Course Now Available!

Published on 09/27/2019

NEW Online Watercolor Course is LIVE! The painting Whimsical Wreaths course is now available. In this class, you will learn how to paint whimsical floral wreaths to make handmade greeting cards.

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Painting Watercolor Florals in a Bee Paper Company Watercolor Sketchbook

Painting with Dr. Ph Martin’s Radiant Watercolors

Published on 09/24/2019

I’m sharing a little watercolor paint-a-long using Dr. Ph Martin’s Radiant Watercolors in my Bee Paper Company Watercolor Sketchbook. HOLY SMOKES they are BRIGHT. Let’s explore and have fun in your watercolor practice.

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Watercolor Floral with Albrecht Durer Watercolors

Watercolor Florals with Albrecht Durer Watercolor Markers and Pencils

Published on 09/13/2019

In this video, I’m sharing a watercolor floral paint-a-long that’s mix mashes up some of my favorite watercolor supplies: paint from Daniel Smith, watercolor pencils and watercolor markers from Albrecht Durer.

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Watercolor florals in a Bee Paper Company Watercolor Journal

Washy Watercolor Florals Using a Bee Paper Company Watercolor Journal

Published on 08/30/2019

In this video, I’m painting washy washy watercolor florals in a Bee Paper Company Watercolor Journal. I am LOVING this new journal find and I’m sharing my thoughts. I’m also using the hand-poured Daniel Smith watercolor palettes and sharing insights.

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Here is an image of a watercolor bloom

Craft Your Joy Watercolor Video: Painting a Luminous Flower in Watercolor

Published on 08/23/2019

I’m super excited to share this fun watercolor paint-a-long video. In this video, I’m painting a gorgeous bloom using watercolor, gouache and iridescent calligraphy colors. Details about my online watercolor classes and email list are below. 

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Painting Whimsical Wildflowers and Weeds

Craft Your Joy Watercolor Video: Painting Wildflower Bouquets in Watercolor

Published on 04/04/2019

Let’s paint some wildflowers and weed, shall we? In this video, I’m painting a bouquet of wildflowers and weeds and sharing tips and tricks along the way. I’m also sharing some details about a new online watercolor course I’ll be launching this month, April 2019.

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Pyrole Red and Sap Green

Color Mixing with Qor Watercolors: Pyrole Red + Sap Green

Published on 01/22/2019

In this watercolor mixing tutorial, I’m mixing up two colors to create deep brown-red shades for leaves and foliage. Using Qor Watercolor Pyrole Red Light and Sap Green, I’m mix mashing them together to experiment. Not gonna lie, I didn’t love this at first.

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Mission Gold Watercolor: Quinacridone Magenta and Ultramarine Deep

Color Mixing with Mission Gold: Quinacridone Magenta + Ultramarine Deep

Published on 01/15/2019

In this color mixing tutorial, I’m sharing how I mix up lovely lilacs, purples and deep violets for my floral paintings. Using Quinacridone Magenta and Ultramarine Blue, I’m mix mashing them together to create gorgeous purples and violets.

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Dreamy Florals in Progress

Behind the Bloom: Florals in Progress Around Here

Published on 01/10/2019

So, have I ever mentioned how much I love to paint flowers. Ha! Maybe once or twice? Here’s a little sneaky peekie at some “in the works” florals and a little behind the bloom of what’s going on over here.

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