LIVESTREAM: Creating Patterned Paper with Stamps and Inks

Published on 05/30/2020

On today’s Livestream I’m sharing my technique for creating patterned paper with stamps and inks.

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Watercolor Stencils Livestream

LIVESTREAM Watercolor Adventures: Washy Watercolor Effects Using Stencils

Published on 05/22/2020

On today’s Livestream I’m sharing washy watercolor effects using stencils. I also did a comparison of 100% cotton paper and wood pulp paper for working with stencils. C’mon in and watch.

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LIVESTREAM Watercolor Adventures: Using Watercolor Pencils for Papercrafting

Published on 05/16/2020

On today’s Livestream I’m sharing three fun coloring techniques with watercolor pencils for your papercrafting projects. 

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