NEW Art Available: Happiness Blooms from Within

Published on 07/05/2018

Hi Friends! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m super excited to share a new art print is available in my shop. This one was pure joy in the making and the focus of my new online class. I enjoyed creating it so much, I thought it would be perfect as an art print to adorn your space.

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3D Paper Art Sunflower

Create 3D Paper art with Watercolor + Whimsical Flowers with Me

Published on 06/18/2018

Hi Friends! Join me on Skillshare for a brand new 3D Paper Art class that is super fun, full of watercolor painting techniques and whimsical flowers. If you have wanted to take a class with me online, this may be for you.

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Paint Whimsical Flowers in Watercolor + Ink with Me

Published on 05/11/2018

Hi Friends! I’m super excited to share that I launched my very first painting class on Skillshare. If you are interested in taking an online course with me, this may be for YOU!

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Featured Artist: Gina Lee Kim

Published on 04/13/2017

What I love most about the artist community within all the circles I travel IRL, social and the interwebs, is how giving, kind, patient and honest the community is toward each other. The good, the bad, the ugly, the honesty is refreshing and there is no room for negativity.

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Watercolor Florals and Lettering

Commissions and the “Art” of Letting Go

Published on 03/30/2017

When I was asked to create an original piece of art that was going to be a gift, I was so excited. I love a collaboration project. I’ve been asked to do commission art before, but it hasn’t always been a good fit with my style or the kind of mediums I work with. This project was a perfect fit.

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Sketchbook Inspiration | Week January 22-28

Published on 01/28/2017

Everyday, I take time to explore in my sketchbook. It’s usually very early in the wee hours. This time is sacred to me and really helps set the pace for a clear-minded, focused day.

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Lustre Art

I am a Wonkytype Stylist

Published on 01/25/2017

My Wonky Handlettering Style I am a Wonktype Stylist. I’m self proclaiming this fact to…

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Unfolding Grace

Unfolding Grace Butterfly Art

Published on 01/15/2017

Unfolding Grace is like an awakening. I have a deep admiration for butterflies. The ease…

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Leading with Intention

Leading with Intention

Published on 01/13/2017

Crack your heart space wide open. This word…oh my! Just sayin’. If ever there were…

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Mermie Revelation

Published on 11/18/2014

What a revelation it was when she realized she didn’t need to settle! Mermie Collection…

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