The Mermaid Flubber

07/16/2013 - 2 minutes read

The day has come… to share the EPIC Mermaid Canvas Flubber. 🙂

So, I’ve been cruising along on the creation of this big honkin canvas. And, I have this pretty rockin’ quote that I peeped when I met this lovely young woman. It speaks and I really thought it would be amazing on this canvas.

And, then… I painted it into the canvas. BLURF.

Let’s start with a little pictorial shall we…

So, I was cruising along adding oil pastel detail to her hair, deepening the shadows and bringing up the highlights. SHAMPOW! Lovin’ it.


Then, I moved to the body. Deepening the shadows and mixmashing the highlights, giving her the feel of being in the water. And I LOVE it!


Then, I got overzealous… Added the quote and wasn’t in LOVE with it. It got way too big and WONKY, too fast and pushed so close to her face and I kept trying to add more blue, smudge the black and it just became and EYESORE! In a sketchbook, this design would be fine. On a canvas… NOT SO MUCH! I pictured the canvas hung in its final space and BLECH... I knew right away… a DO OVER was going to need to happen. The quote was taking over the Mermie and that just wouldn’t do. Not LOVIN’ it. 🙁


So, the repair work has begun! GESSO. GESSO. GESSO. It has taken three layers of GESSO so far. Click through and peep the pics. In the final two pics… I mixed GESSO with Blue Acrylic to create another mix, slathered it on super thick and let it dry overnight. So, we’ll see if it covered the quote so I can begin again. Stay tuned tomorrow for the results and hopefully… I’ll be moving on to reworking the quote.


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