I’ve been to see the Dr.

02/12/2013 - 1 minute read

Studio sneak

Dr. PH Martin that is…

Working on a whole lotta right now! Wrapping up illustrations for NEW Avocado Arts stamps coming out! (May and June, Wahoo!). Wrapping up a wayfinding/map brochure for a college's new building.  In this case, a six floor map to visually show people how to get around. Not glamorous, but essential. Starting a new logo design and I'm teaching two Copic marker classes this week.

Say what?

I'm' wearing a lotta design hats this week. Don't we all wear a whole lotta hats!

It's all good! I've been trying to get a little GEEKIN' time in with my art supplies.

Here's a little Studio Sneak of something I whipped up over the weekend playing with new watercolors. 

Watercolor Heart

This little project is the color inspiration for a much larger canvas in the works.

What artsy stuff are you Geekin' about today?

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