ArtyStART Monday: SoulGraffiti

06/17/2013 - 1 minute read

It’s Monday and my blogging skillz last week were SLACKERIFIC. Whoosh BANG, it was a RUMPUS of a week. So, let’s get this week started off with a little bit of COLOR LOVE. More PEERLESS Perfection.

FREESTYLIN’ with a little something I like to call SoulGraffiti.

I whipped up this little beauty in the ole artsy pants watercolor journal using PEERLESS. I’ve talked about these luscious loveariffic watercolors many times, HERE. HERE. HERE. and HERE.

Alrighty, let me share some SoulGraffiti. This work was created in about an hour and I mainly designed it to be give my mind a break, let go and FREESTYLE design. Click on the pics for more details on how it all came together.

Lotsa happening this week and THIS is coming up on Saturday!

Have a Colorful Monday and create some SoulGraffiti!

Oh and by way of enabling…. The COPIC MULTILINER….the SHIZZ-a-rama for drawing graffiti style. Or drawing in general. It’s water and copic proof pigment ink and it’s amazingsauce. My personal fav… the 0.5. They come in 12 colors… don’t get me started 🙂


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