Behind the Cabinets: It Ain’t so Pretty in There. Enter if YOU DARE.

05/22/2013 - 1 minute read

All week I’ve been sharing studio organization SUCCESSES. Well, the creative whirlwind ain’t always so pretty. When, I set out to create a functional space years back, I INSISTED I needed cabinets. That everything would be tidy and stored out of sight and reach.

Well… um… that declaration of crazy hasn’t always panned out for me.

I’m the kind of gal: If I can’t SEE IT… I FORGET about it.

I’m the kind of gal who: Puts things in the SPECIAL PLACE. You know that place… the place where you absolutely won’t forget where you put it… but when you go to look for it POOF.

So, today… I humble myself to CREATIVES all over the world… and… SHARE my EPIC STUDIO FAIL, so that I may share my FAIL and you can go forth and be WISER… HA! That sounded so funny in my head, I just had to type it. SNORT!

I’m planning a purge… it will be EPIC. I know there’s a boat load of glitter in one of those cabinets. I hope there isn’t a glitter explosion. YOU KNOW that stuff never really disappears and shows up EVERYWHERE for weeks, months, years.

Oh, and YEP… the cabinets were from IKEA. Go figure, right! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE IKEA?

Enjoy. Click through the pics for details. Working on a Friday Freebie. Stay Tuned!



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