Breathe it all in! Love it all out!

03/01/2013 - 1 minute read

Sketchin' Sneak-a-Peek!

A little Friday inspiration to inspire you through the weekend. It's no secret I love to create flowers. I grow em', draw em', paint em'. Little post about that coming soon!

A little backstory on this creation: Sunday night right before bed time, my son "remembered/realized" he had some homework to finish. We had already reviewed all of his "have to completes" on Friday when he got home. But, alas, memory always kicks back in right before BED, right? Instead of getting frustrated (which is sometimes hard to do) I just sat down at the table and sketched and painted while he finished his work.

I guess you could say…. It was my THERAPY! Ha!

Breathe it all in! Love it all out! That's exactly what I was doing when I created this little diddy. Raising a pre-teen = A LOT of BREATHING IN and LOVING IT ALL BACK OUT! It's all good!

Happy Friday!

Breathe Close Up
Here's a close-up shot.

Breathe PieceHere's the whole piece. 5×7 on Hot Press Watercolor Paper. India Ink illustration with PH Martin Hydrus Watercolors. Happy. Happy. Happy.