Saturday Sketchbook

01/05/2013 - 2 minutes read


I have SEVERAL. I love them all. In each one of them I draw, write, dream and THINK. It's my thinking spot. So, last weekend I just overhauled my Studio space (if you listen closely you can hear my husband saying, "AGAIN") and I spent a little time looking through my sketchbooks.

It's a really interesting experience looking at past work. This piece caught my eye (it's several years old). Sketched down using pen and Inktense pencils for a little watercolor/ink wash.The cool thing about these pencils is that they go from pencil to INK in just a wash of water. They are permanent when DRY and the colors are VIBRANT.

This sketch. It was ME. Or, what I'd like my hair to look like. HA! It was quick sketch, something that was on my mind at that moment.

I think I am ALWAYS working towards "designing the life I love."

Life she loves copy

Then, I found a pic of THIS canvas that I donated to an auction A YEAR LATER after the original sketch. Oh, the things I would change in this illustration! But, FUN nonetheless. It hangs at PhotoScraps in Maryland where I teach, so I get to see it a lot. Tracy bought it at the Auction. So nice!

She painting

Lot's of growth happens in a SKETCHBOOK. Lot's of stories. Lot's of technique exploration! Try it!