Sketchbook Inspiration | Week Sep 17-23 | Indigojade Art by Lisa Hetrick
This close up of one of my paintings is mesmerizing. Yes?

Sketchbook Inspiration | Week Sep 17-23

09/23/2017 - 1 minute read

This week in my sketchbook …

I guess you could say I’m still a bit obsessed with the purple, blues and greens from my sketchbook inspiration shares in my Instagram feed. This week’s blooms were a bit more loose and free and I was inspired to created a wee little butterfly. Fun week playing with this palette again.

I’ve shared a photo of my custom Prima palette. I have all of the current prima watercolors that are available, but sometimes, I like to move them around and create my own palettes. I’ve shared the color names from Prima in the gallery. I also made great fun use of  Dr. PH Martin’s Bleed Proof White which I know… I know, I’ve shared it’s the UNICORN of white watercolor for me.

Click through for coolio blues and greens and purpley hues.

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