She is a Beautiful Mess WAtercolor painting in the art journal

Bloom and Flow: She is a Beautiful Mess

Published on 03/02/2018

Last week, I did a massive overhaul of my studio office. It was much needed. I had products for my store everywhere, new paintings and projects in progress, studio lights, stuff… just stuff everywhere.
And then… I squirreled… you know what I mean. SQUIRRELED and found her.

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Copic Flower Fairy

Flower Fairy Comes to Visit

Published on 03/09/2015

She appeared in my sketchbook on Sunday afternoon. She’s a pixie. She’s a fairy. She’s…

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Brave and Free

She Who is Brave is Free

Published on 02/20/2015

  A little sketchbook fun. Storybook style she(s) that magically came out of my hands…

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