Art Supply GEEKIN’ with RENDR and Copics

02/26/2013 - 6 minutes read

It’s no secret I’m a sketchbook GEEK! I love them. Have lot’s of them and in each one of them is a little bit of crazy goodness. You’ll see me talk about them…. a whole lotta!

I got wind of this new sketchbook (and by wind, I mean surfing the INTERWEBS) that works with ALL types of MEDIA, has no bleed through to the other side of the paper and you can use the front and the back of the pages with ANY MEDIUM. I was like, Um….RIGHT…Nothing holds up to bleed through with Copic Markers. NADA.

So, I got one! And it arrived yesterday… and I decided to hit it with Copic Markers since that is the medium that bleeds through EVERYTHING!

(Nope, I’m not paid to endorse RENDR. I just like my art supply gear. I’m just geeky like that. I LOVE all of it, maybe a bit too much, and I LIKE to share my results to inspire you to try something on your own. So, whenever you see me geek out about art supplies, it’s for the pure love of it).

Here’s what happened.

Rendr 1
The 5.5 x 8.5 sketchbook comes with 96 pages. The pages are a “bluish white.” The books smelled a bit chemically, but not over the top strong. 96 pages front to back is a whole lotta sketches, so I was really excited to hear about it. I grabbed up some Copics and sketched a little flower. Yep. Flower. Go figure 🙂 I really saturated the paper with color. I kept taking a sneak a peek to the other side. NO BLEED THROUGH. So far, so good.

Rendr 2
I just kept building up the copic color, saturating the paper and adding more. No bleed. I was LOVIN’ it. A little bit of the paper white comes through the Copic, much like XPress Blend it cardstock. It gives it a nice textural finish. I like it. I decided to ADD another medium. INDIA INK. I sketchy sketched it over the flower and STILL… NO BLEED THROUGH. Really?

Rendr 3
I added MORE INDIA INK. POOLS and pools of it. Seriously, no BLEED THROUGH. You can see the shadow of the illustration onthe far right. I held it up to the light so you could see that it was just a shadow and not bleeding through.

Rendr 4
I added three more colors of India Ink: Sepia, Ochre and White. Still NOW SHOW. See a trend? LOVING IT SO FAR, but… will it…

Rendr 5
Stand up to a wet wash? Time to throw some watercolor on there. BAM, it took it. Not like a watercolor paper would, But, kind of like a synthetic paper would like . I purposely BLED some India Ink on the paper to see if it would show through. UM… NOPE.

General observations: The paper is a bit stinky, but not overpowering. It’s got a recycled paper feel, but I don’t think it is. It’s 110lb, which is a nice sketchbook weight. It’s acid free, lignin free. It would make for a GREAT art journal where you might use a lot of different mediums. I picked up the 5.5 x 8.5 size for experiments and noodling through ideas and I picked up an 8.5 x 11 for larger work. When you WET it. It will curl up after it dries. Just close the book and it’ll flatten out. Or iron it. Um… I didn’t 🙂 I see it as a useful tool with Copic markers. The colors are true, the copic moves across the paper and blends well. Smoothie blends are easy to achieve, but most of all, I really love the ability to build up layers of Copic WET and get great texture results. This paper holds A LOT of ink. AND even after I layered and layered COPIC I added layer upon layer of india ink then watercolor. It held it all.

Here’s a little hydrangea diddy I whipped up saturating more Copic with an India Ink finish. The color is SUPER vibrant. And guess what? NO BLEED THROUGH. This sketchbook is going in the “walk around bag” and by BAG, I mean my big honkin’ bag that carries all my day to day stuff. Last week I found bread in there. Yep, bread wrapped in a napkin from Panera. Don’t judge! I know you do it too.


Happy Tuesday! Create Something Colorful Today!

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