Freebie Friday – Yep, it’s a Freebie

Published on 05/10/2013

So, I was thinkin’ about the Gelli’s… You can see me takin’ them on HERE….

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Gelato Anyone?

Published on 05/09/2013

GELATOS by Faber Castell…creamy, dreamy tubes of color. Cleverly packaged. Oh so pretty. Affordable priced….

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Watercolor. Luscious. Lovely. Watercolor.

Published on 05/08/2013

I LURVE watercolor. It’s so fluid and dreamy and transparent and dreamy. Did I already…

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Winner. Winner. Big Honkin’ Box O’ Stamps

Published on 05/07/2013

Thanks for all the lovely comments for the first eva Mixed up Media Chix Blog…

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ArtystART Monday: Road Trips, Hydrangeas and Watercolor

Published on 05/06/2013

It’s Monday again! Whoosh! Thank you to everyone who stopped by Friday and over the…

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Sketchbook Saturday: Lily in the Lilac

Published on 05/04/2013

Enjoy the gorgeous day that is… Saturday! Go out and smell the lilacs. Lily is…

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Mixin’ it Up with the Mixed Up Media Chix

Published on 05/03/2013

So, this crafty girl interwebs friend of mine, Maria Levine started this little Facebook group…

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New Product Release with Avocado Arts

Published on 05/01/2013

It’s the 1st of the month and that means I have NEW product coming out!…

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ArtyStART Monday: Thinkin’ about some SHE’s

Published on 04/29/2013

Grabbing my Rendr sketchook and some Copics, I planned to create a floral because I…

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Wha? It’s Friday?

Published on 04/26/2013

Seriously? Where did the week go? Super crazy busy. Just like everyone else, I know….

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