Botanical Work is Happening in the Studio

02/14/2012 - 1 minute read

Just wrapped up a little copic and colored pencil detail work on a Bearded Iris botanical illustration. I took photos along the way detailing the coloring process. I’ll be posting them soon. I fit this 8 x 8 ish illustration and color study in between all of “life’s life stuff.” It was a medium practice adventure. This time with Copic and Prismacolor and working on light and shadow. Fun stuff.

Call it a therapeutic exercise whilst working on some other “work” that wasn’t as much fun. You know, like business taxes and paperwork. HA! All said and done, about 10-12 hours or so, over a week. I’m planning on rendering it again in only colored pencil, but I have to get a few extra purples to have on hand as it will take in a lot of color.

Shown here is the original illustration along with a, what I call, “digified” one that I’m going to have made into a canvas as a gift for a friend.

Iris Alone