I’ve been feeling a wee bit rusty lately 

Hi Friends! Happy Sunday! I thought I’d share a little inspiration with you today!

sketchbook pansies in watercolor
I’ve had my head down lately working on a big project and that means there hasn’t been much time for “JOY filled painting.” I’m feeling a wee bit rusty and splashing paint around has kinds been a hot mess. ❤️

It happens. And if this season we are all experiencing has taught me anything… GRACE for the RUSTINESS is the lesson. So, when I dove in to splash a little paint around and play in my sketchbook, I released all expectations and just painted with no intention of heading anywhere. Just me and my rusty old self surrendering to JOY.

I’m finding the inner wisdom lately to TRUST and wait to hear what is calling me. And on this morning when I painted, it was telling me to splash some paint around.

My encouragement to you… embrace your rustiness. All of it!

Holy smokes, look at that palette, and all the pretty colors. That’s pure JOY right there isn’t it?⁠ ❤️

So Just for today, pause, reflect and…

Embrace Your Rustiness!

May you find pause from the hustle, pure joy, and inspiration here.

A JOYful heart is good medicine. -Proverbs 17:22

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