Studio Sneak Peek: Happy Dance Color Cart

05/21/2013 - 3 minutes read

This week, I’m sharing some tid bits on how I organize my Studio. My Space. The Color Outside the Lines Spot. Thought it would be fun. Thought we could start an ORGANIZATION Revolution. HA! 🙂 Thought it was time to clean my space, because I couldn’t stand it any longer. The latter statement is more like the truth…

I CAN create all over the place… and over the last eight years, almost 9, since I started my own business, I have. I drag supplies and technology EVERYWHERE, all OVER the house, wherever I go. Ask the hubs, oh he’ll tell you. In the last few years, I’ve  spent a lot of time figuring out how I work best and how to maximize my space. One thing I have figured out… and it’s no shocker… everything needs a HOME, PURGE OFTEN and only keep what you TRULY LOVE!

And, because I work daily from a home studio…that is very much a part of the house… it needs to be functional because people are in and out of it all the time.

So, let’s start with this NEW piece I’ve brought into the space. Um… I have mentioned before I have art supply issues. Well… I needed to reign them in. They were hidden away, taking up three drawers and  a lot of space on the top of my worktable. I wanted to move them around to wherever I wanted to work. I don’t always sit at my desk, or work table, or easel. Sometimes I go outside, sometimes I sit on the floor. Sometimes, I venture to the kitchen table. Mama NEEDED WHEELS, baby!

How to solve this organization conundrum, you ask? Easy, peasy. IKEA. Yep. IKEA. All the goodness and inspiration that is… IKEA. When I say IKEA, I envision myself happy dancing like SNOOPY. Yep, SNOOPY.

So, click on the pics and check out the deets of my Happy Dance Color Cart. I lurve it. I stared at it all day after I filled it up. I rolled it from room to room. It’s beauti-riffic. It’s the little things.

And… because I’m in purge mode, too… I’m thinking a serious give-away of some goods that have never been used is in order. Stay tuned for the deets. I’m thinking later this week.

Tomorrow… it’s all about the ITSO. Say wha? Stay tuned…

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