Watercolor. Luscious. Lovely. Watercolor.

05/08/2013 - 3 minutes read

I LURVE watercolor. It’s so fluid and dreamy and transparent and dreamy. Did I already say dreamy? It let’s you play, can be persnickety, and rarely goes where you want it to go. But, OH! I’m so inspired by the effects. I often find myself pushing other color mediums like oil pastels or colored pencils and markers to get watercolor effects. Crazysauce!

It’s an artsy addiction… I have… Art supplies. There could be far worse addictions, so I think I’m good.

I thought I’d share a peek into my watercolors, palettes, why and how I use them. Maybe enable you a bit. HA! Have you join the crazy train of art supplies with me. Hang on, this is a colorful ride. 🙂

Let’s jump right in, shall we? Click on the pics for a COLORFUL slideshow and a little description about each and how I use them/store em.

Oh and I cannot forget these little beauties.


Gelatos. Creamy little sticks of yummy watercolor goodness. Use with water or without. Move around with your hands, a blending stump, mixmash colors together. They’re like tubes of lip balm but THEY’RE PAINT. They are so stinkin’ fun.

I get a lot of my supplies from HERE and HERE and HERE and have amassed a collection of crazy over the years. I’m blessed and cursed to have art supply stores so within reach. While others enjoy the mall. I LOVE a day at the art supply store. I’d rank it right up there as exciting as a visit to the Apple Store (that’s a story for another day). Yep. Art Supply storeApple StoreGrocery store… um… not so much I have issues.

When the Dick Blick Art Supply catalog comes in the mail. I covet it, dog-ear it, put little post it notes in it… you know like when the SEARS catalog came when you were a kid and you flipped through it. Yep, I carry that Dick Blick catalog around in my bag for awhile. I have a mini one in there right now.

See, I speak the truth. And, I’m sure…underneath that catalog… is a napkin with bread in it from Panera… don’t judge. You know what I’m talking about. HA! And, there’s my iPad with the ripped cover. I love the cover so much, I just ignore that it’s ripped.

DB catalgo

Did i mention…I have issues… Art supply issues. Don’t even get me started on my Copics. HA!

Happy Wednesday! Little Gelato post tomorrow. I had a little play time with em… Just about 20 minutes and something wonky came out in the sketchbook. I’ll share tomorrow.



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