Blue Flower Garden

Sketchbook Inspiration | Week Feb 5 – 11

Published on 02/12/2017

It’s been a big week for creating art, selling MORE prints in my new shop and enjoying the process. I also got a little obsessed with this blue color palette. AGAIN! Go figure. The Daniel Smith Watercolors are so amazeballs. I’m completely obsessed with Duochrome Emerald and Iridescent Electric Blue. The luminescent line is so gorgeous. I’m coveting the purchase of a few more. ?

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Truly Madly Deeply

Sketchbook Round Up | Artspiration

Published on 02/04/2017

This week on Instagram ? Sketchbook Round Up. It’s been a big week for creating…

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Sketchbook Inspiration | Week January 22-28

Published on 01/28/2017

Everyday, I take time to explore in my sketchbook. It’s usually very early in the wee hours. This time is sacred to me and really helps set the pace for a clear-minded, focused day.

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Leading with Intention

Leading with Intention

Published on 01/13/2017

Crack your heart space wide open. This word…oh my! Just sayin’. If ever there were…

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Sketchbook Saturday: Finding Quiet

Published on 05/25/2013

Have a wonderful weekend! This sketch is all about finding quiet. Even if it’s just…

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Sketchbook Saturday: Sketchin’ a ???

Published on 04/20/2013

On Saturday, I like to share something from my sketchbook. Usually, it’s pretty, and flowery,…

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