Avocado Arts Class THIS WEEK @PhotoScraps

Published on 03/19/2013

There’s a few spaces left for a PEEP-a-Rific card class with me @PhotoScraps this week….

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ArtyStart Monday – Sharpening the SAW!

Published on 03/18/2013

A new week, fresh start, makin' it start with ART. Why not? Right? After all…

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Saturday Sketchbook – It’s about sHe!

Published on 03/16/2013

Hmmmm… I've been noodling out a new character in my head. She's kind of showed…

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Avocado Arts: Project Inspiration Day!

Published on 03/15/2013

WAHOO! I love Project Inspiration Day! It's the 15th and the Avocado Arts Pit Crew…

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Teaching and Being Inspired!

Published on 03/14/2013

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending a few hours working with these lovely ladies!…

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Sketchin’ Sneak-a-Peek: Busy Weeks and Snow Days!

Published on 03/06/2013

It's SNOWING here in MD today! And, Whoosh! that means everything shuts down. It's just…

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Breathe it all in! Love it all out!

Published on 03/01/2013

Sketchin' Sneak-a-Peek! A little Friday inspiration to inspire you through the weekend. It's no secret…

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Fabulous Project Inspiration TODAY!

Published on 02/28/2013

NEW PRODUCT! It's launched and shipping! Wahoo! and the amazing Avocado Arts Pit Crew is…

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Avocado Arts NEW Stamp Set Release!

Published on 02/27/2013

NEW PRODUCT! March 1st is almost here and that means a NEW stamp set release…

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Art Supply GEEKIN’ with RENDR and Copics

Published on 02/26/2013

It’s no secret I’m a sketchbook GEEK! I love them. Have lot’s of them and…

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