Hello September

Sketchbook Inspiration | Week Aug 27 – Sep 2

Published on 09/03/2017

This week I was inspired by the cooler temps and the promise that fall is coming. Crimson and rust colors mixed with luscious pinks are the star of the show in the sketchbook this week.

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Pink Blossoms

Sketchbook Inspiration | Week Aug 20-26

Published on 08/28/2017

This week I was inspired by the beautiful colors Emerald Isle, North Carolina. I took off for vacation with a brand new Pentallic sketchbook and my Prima Watercolor Palette.

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Sketchbook Inspiration | Week Aug 13-19

Published on 08/18/2017

This week in my sketchbook … Instagram is my favorite place to share in social….

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Behind the Bloom: Grace Transforms

Published on 08/16/2017

Wherever life plants you. Bloom with grace. Yes, who’s me? Grace starts at the root of all things. It grows up and out. Stretches deep and wide and back again.

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Butterfly Art Print 8 x 10

Art Print Free Download

Published on 03/16/2017

Enjoy a FREE Art Print download. This high-resolution 8×10 art print is my gift of grace to you.

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Butterfly Mixed Media

Sketchbook Inspiration | Week Feb 19 – 25

Published on 02/24/2017

It’s been a super inspirational week as I wrapped up a new print release. AND, I’m working to wrap up another new release for next week, too. C’mon in and see the flurry of activity in the studio this week.

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Learning to Fly

Sketchbook Inspiration | Week Feb 12 – 17

Published on 02/19/2017

It’s been a super inspirational week, sharing a new painting in progress, sketching, art journaling and creating my own patterned paper from my artwork. I created a lot of mermaids this week. They have been calling to me. ?

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Brave and Free

She Who is Brave is Free

Published on 02/20/2015

  A little sketchbook fun. Storybook style she(s) that magically came out of my hands…

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Mixin’ it Up with the Mixed Up Media Chix

Published on 05/03/2013

So, this crafty girl interwebs friend of mine, Maria Levine started this little Facebook group…

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Creating Custom Canvas Art with Original Works

Published on 01/14/2013

When I create an original work of art using several mediums, I often digiMIXmash it…

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